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Emergency Lights and Why Your Business Should have them Tested

Emergency lighting - you might not think you know what it is and could have been lucky enough never to have used them but have a look at the picture here and we’re sure you’ll know what we are talking about:

Aaaaaah, that green man!!!! Seen him around haven’t you? Just on a subliminal level. Well that green man is a life saver. When everything else around him fails, he lights the way to safety. Every time, or at least he should. If you are reading this and sat in your office, working in the business premises you or your company owns or is responsible for, just have a quick look around. Leave the office if you have too, but see if you can find that little green man and the way he is pointing for your safety. Good, everything in order. You’ve found him so you can be happy now that you’re safe and your business is covered. However….when was the last time the emergency lighting was tested? A couple of years ago? You think? Has it ever been done?


The facts:

The Emergency Lighting British Standard BS5266 defines the requirements for the correct installation of Emergency Lighting. Compliance with this standard ensures that your premises, meet the requirements of the Fire Precaution (Workplace) Regulations 1997.

Emergency lighting is required in all premises where people are employed. It’s a Life Safety System and is required to assist any occupants in the event of an emergency and it naturally assists in the evacuation of a premises in the event of power failure.


So now you might be a little concerned, are you a landlord wondering if your emergency lighting works? Do you own a public building and feel maybe you need to find out?


But emergency lighting doesn’t fail does it? Unfortunately YES it does and for example the lighting failed at Clapham Junction recently and, if a large corporation like Network Rail can get it wrong maybe you might want to consider getting your building checked out by professionals??


Powertest Ltd can help you so you’re not in the same situation! We will provide a certificate that will detail the specific nature of the emergency lighting inspection along with any contraventions from The Emergency Lighting British Standard BS5266 that may exist.

So please contact us if you have any concerns with any aspects of your electrical equipment; whether that is Emergency Light Testing, PAT testing or any of the electrical compliance services we offer. Remember, testing these things now could save lives in the future.