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Is PAT Testing in an Office Environment Really Necessary?

Business owner? Office based? Employ staff? Having your office equipment PAT tested is just another unnecessary expense…isn’t it?

Well, you’d be surprised. Whilst PAT testing in the office does NOT need to tested by a qualified electrician every year, the law still requires employers to assess risks and take appropriate action.

PAT Testing in the Office

However, as that employer, do you have a policy on testing? Are you relying on staff to report any faulty wires back to you? Have you even performed the tests yourself?

In this ever increasingly litigious age, ticked boxes showing a credible paper trail to prove that you the employer has discharged their 'duty of care' should be taken in the highest regard, you ARE responsible for these people whilst in the work place. You might want to think about the adverts you keep seeing on the TV: “Where there’s blame, there’s a claim.” (Shudder accordingly!)

Case in point:

“A few years ago, I was working away at my desk, when someone at the cluster of desks next to me said "Can anyone smell burning?". Cue a frenzied search under the desk, to discover a 4-way extension socket ... plugged into a 4-way extension socket, plugged into a 4 way extension socket, plugged into a 4-way extension socket, plugged into the floor.”

DO NOT rely on your staff alone to identify risks and hazards. Having the office junior run his hand down a piece of flex does not equate to assessing risks and taking responsible action.

If you would like a hand to run checks and tests for your office environment or you’re simply looking for some advice get in touch today and we’ll try to help you avoid any hair raising experiences!